Love Your Body

Love Your Life

Love Your Body

Love Your Life

Discover the Self-Care Approach to

Weight Loss & Personal Transformation

Your 5-Star life begins with a strong, healthy body. Once you learn how to treat it with loving kindness – as your best friend, you liberate yourself to craft the physique and lifestyle of your dreams.

Do You Want a Body that  Looks & Feels Lovely, Sexy, and Confident?

Yet you struggle with obesity, weight gain, or even just losing those last 10 pounds?

Do you experience low confidence and have a poor self-image?

Have You Tried ‘Everything’ and Still Nothing Works?

  • Extreme weight loss, crash and yo-yo diets
  • “Cookie-cutter” books, apps, and programs
  • Prescription and OTC diet pills
  • Risky and ineffective gadgets and surgery
  • Spent a fortune on ‘fat farms’ or radical plans to lose weight 

With no long-term results?

Worse Yet, You Feel:

  • Agonizing body-shame
  • Envious of friends who eat whatever they want
  • Constant hunger pangs and unwanted cravings
  • Self-loathing and embarrassment 
  • Unattractive and/or unlovable
  • Defeated, hopeless, and like a failure

Selling Yourself Short?


As women, we tend to care for everyone else first, putting our own needs last.

Sound familiar?

The problem is, by putting our own needs last, we jeopardize our health and joy, and as a result, feel exhausted, depleted, and short-changed. 

Been There, Done That!

In my own life, I was so busy putting others first that I neglected my own needs, including my desire for a lean, healthy, good-feeling body.

After years of weight-loss struggles, I had tried everything: lots of crazy diets, pills, and gadgets. 

At one point I just gave up.

But the One Thing I Hadn’t Tried was Self-Care!

Thankfully, 37 years ago, I discovered a holistic strategy that not only felt great but also got me stunning results – and even eliminated my cellulite!

By nurturing and nourishing my body, mind, and soul, I was finally able to rapidly re-shape my body with love and kindness, which propelled me to succeed in all areas of my life!

Results for Life

Since discovering this profoundly effective strategy, I’ve helped 100s of women 1 to 1, and 1,000s more through my books, to regain or achieve a beautiful, healthy physique.

My weight loss and wellness plans have withstood the test of time. In my own case and in the case of my clients, even after many years have passed, their health and shape is holding up beautifully, even during not-so-perfect times.

Clients Commonly Report These Benefits:

Weightloss and body transformation

Optimized immune function

Reduced belly bloat

Increased energy and resilience

Improved digestive health

Balanced blood pressure and blood sugar

Food freedom: No more cravings!

Enhanced emotional well-being: no more mood swings!

Mental clarity and agility

Increased self-esteem

Greater confidence

Deeper self-love

Are you ready to claim the body of your dreams through greater self-love, self-kindness, and self-care?

How you can work with me

Beautiful Body, Beautiful Life Program

This 90 day personalized weightloss and personal transformation program, guaranteed to produce lasting results.

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Covid Weightloss Kickstart Program

This 30-day program is for you if you have been struggling to drop the weight gained during the lockdown and keep it off. Take control of your life in a self love environment.

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Individual Coaching

Work 1:1 with me to get the results you want faster. Together we’ll design a personalized plan for a body and life you can love.

I Can Help!

I champion women to live their best life: body, mind, and soul.

I am an author, MedSpa consultant, certified fitness trainer, nutritionist, and lifestyle coach.

With over 35 years of experience as a personal trainer, nutritionist, and health author, my expert coaching focuses on achieving a healthy body, including achieving optimal weight, wellness, and emotional well-being. 

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